Hate Forgiveness.

He said, “We always hated you because teachers talked to you like you had a future.”
He left that statement hanging in the air like a freshly-hung corpse swinging in the breeze, right before he blocked me online.
Please tell him I FORGIVE HIM, even better share this so he can see it.

It was weird when he sent me a random contact and talked as if we were old friends because he had always bullied me in school.
School was odd for me because I was an odd kid who grew into being an odd Man.

Grown-ups had a hard enough time dealing with me, now as an adult I know it would have been crazy to think other kids knew how to relate.


I had parents and men who mentored me as a kid. They made sure that knew that if I made it to college nothing that happened in high school would matter.

They were right.


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