Free Of Government Toxins!

My intention is to die a quick clean death from old age and not with a cocktail of drugs that treat things I could have prevented running through my body!

A healthy man’s death is quick, unexpected, and painless. Unhealthy men die after being dragged through the medical system for years and having been put on all manner of different medications from the time they were in their youth.

They did not avoid three things that have an enormous impact on whether or not you will be in Medical Debt Slavery to a government and financial institution that will torture you for the rest of your days.

Avoiding smoking, obesity, and recreational narcotics/mind altering drugs means I am less likely to have to depend on a government health scheme that may or may not have my best interest at heart or the interest of people who are not rich. Living in a country with all the medical technology available, but only if you are rich enough to get it, doesn’t matter.

There’s a healthcare system in place that is quite malicious in its design to make you as addicted as possible to as many, psychoactive drugs, narcotic pain relievers, and remedied that treat but does not cure illness as possible. Never doubt that the American medical system is committed to, and with the backing of a poisoned legal system aided in their making as much money as possible from a population that can not afford the medicine it needs.

Being healthy and exercising is a selfish, yet revolutionary act that helps keep the government out of your life!

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