Mine isn’t a “competition” style kettlebell. It’s a [REDACTED]-pound, “wide grip” cast-iron cannonball with a big handle.

Reckless swinging with this modern-day proxy for self-flagellation can get serious, fast!

Like lots of people, I saw a few friends who had discovered Kettlebells! America does this, more or less, every five years.

The first time I saw them was in a picture of one of the greatest heavyweight MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) champions ever, Russian standout, Fedor Emelianenko.
Fiódor Vladimirovitch Emelianenko, or Фёдор Владимирович Емельяненко, in Cyrillic.
Fedors fame was well earned through his technical fighting prowess and his physique!

No six-pack abs, no veiny muscles, and a thin layer of supple fat all over.
What we have come to see is that having developed a body as flexible as it is strong, gave him superhuman abilities.
His physique is close to my own, and as I rapidly approach maturity I have been focusing on overall functional power rather than size and explosiveness.
Many believe that supplementing his training with old fashioned Kettlebells is both the how, and why. I believe it because it’s working for me.
After years of success with The Golden Six total body workout, I jumped into kettlebells!

I bought my kettlebell, then decided to start a new workout/weightlifting program.

In that order.

After a terrible workout, I realized that if I didn’t get good, quality coaching on technique and principle, I would get hurt.
I went online to look up the most reputable/respected Kettlebell coaches, one name kept coming up:
Taco Fleur.
Yes, that’s his real name but I am sure you are going to ask him the same aggravating question when you catch up with him on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube.
After posting videos of my performance online on his group, he and a few friends gave me tips on form. He was respectful and encouraging! My entire weightlifting history has been with traditional weightlifting, and switching to something new takes a lot of focus.
That’s OK, I am comfortable being uncomfortable.
When he posted that he was giving away his next kettlebell course to the members of the group who showed interest first, I was with a client and missed out on the opportunity. I asked anyway and he had no problem opening the course for me, all he asked was that I give him feedback on how well and how smooth it went, or what needs improvement.
After finding my own professional success, I have learned to recognize the traits of Men who are serious about their craft.
When Taco made it clear that he wanted honest feedback, even if it came with constructive criticism I knew I’d found an excellent Kettlebell mentor.
I am nowhere near perfect with my form or technique, but I am approaching competency.
Learning something new and difficult is one of the ways I keep my mind (learning a second language is a rewarding skill set anyone can master with discipline) and body menacing and efficient!
If you haven’t picked up anything new to sharpen your mind and body once the things you can do or already know come easy, I or one of the cultural abominations of my inner circle will take everything you hold dear because we seek out expert mentors to help us navigate the difficult lessons on life and equip new skillsets while most men run to what’s comfortable!

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YusefWateef (at) Gmail (dot) com




  1. cyoung

    functional is a great way to go for an extra edge to your toughness. you can carry weight, but also explode through it. I use weight very sparingly, and prefer to do bodyweight exercises, but aiming for that fatigue and mental resistance. That means sit ups, jump squats, press ups and variations of planks, kills you fast. Adding a little weight some times just kills you that much faster.


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