Easy Brazilian Women!

“Is the coffee that good & are the women that easy!?” When I moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil those became the two things people talk to me about the most. As a long-term Expat turned Immigrant, I can safely say: “Yes, but not for you!”.  

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  1. Nicole

    I am a Brazilian living in California. As soon as men know I was born and raised in Brazil they expect me to follow certain guidelines concerning looks, behavior, and personal tastes. They get disappointed AF when they learn I don`t care for soccer, I like Heavy Metal and that my ass doesn`t look fantastic in a T string. I may or may not be a sexual goddess (hehe) but that definitely doesn`t show in the way I dress or behave. It is a bit frustrating but I guess we all tend to classify people in those stupid stereotypes so it`s “easier“.
    Regarding our coffee, I would kill for my Pingado in the morning. Fuck those fancy Cappuccinos and Lattes!
    Hope u are enjoying Brazil!


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