🔴 Liz Paints The Dead With Dignity & The Living With Style!

Liz is a beautiful/bubbly entrepreneur & professional MakeupArtist! Her decades of success have taken her into our homes through TV to make us smile, & give our dead the dignity they deserve when we see them for the last time.

You can see her work on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/FacesByPureness/

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BitCoin: 1AAEBJW9gC1bt6U6UjBWS4g6A6zDLhKMCb

Litecoin: LaSfZW9EdmhNbzgeUNdQQ8o5nKyWqjGnWn

Ether / Ethereum: 0x0de9a17de1ce7f65df21d05307c2a07757572cb5



  1. Scalp Renew SMP

    Liz is a great beauty biz colleague and we have worked together on many occasions.
    I do believe that braiders and kitchen stylists should educate themselves on Traction Alopecia and the health of the scalp. As a hairstylist and Scalp micropigmentation artist I see first hand the affects of hair pulling, breaking , infection, psoriasis, permanent hair loss. Different diseases of the scalp I have studied to understand how to counter.The topic of taxing is difficult. Working independently can become difficult to keep the clients numbers consistent therefore you are not making the same monies everyday
    The business of beauty , accounting, bookkeeping, taxes most stylist or other beauticians lack the knowledge and know how.
    Please check out my website

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