🔴 Q&A Session: She Feels Detached From Home!

(LIVE NOW) “Wateef, since you are going for second citizenship in Brazil, I want to know if you ever felt detached from being American, especially living in Sao Paulo or as an Expat in so many other countries?”

“Lately, I just have been feeling like I don’t identify with being an American. Especially with the craziness concerning politics, quality of life, & my career.

I’m not saying I would renounce being American, for now at least. However, I want to become a citizen of another country in Europe. I even feel that I would identify being European as opposed to American.

And especially since I have had to default on my student loans from my time at University because I could not afford to pay them but would it be worth it attempting to do so since the US government won’t have any impact of my trying to gain citizenship in France. I have heard that it would affect wages or employment in the US or a US company but to be honest, I do not want to keep making these white people rich. They act entitled to the very least but I am making them rich. Working at both of my jobs has made me reach that point.”

~A Brown Girl On A Blue Pearl!

(HINT: White People Aren’t Whats Holding Her Back!)

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