About Watt & Contact Info

  • I’ve lived in and travelled over 30 countries across several continents. From the Running of the Bulls in Spain to Cliff Diving in Hawai’i; from the Tokyo nightlife to the nightclubs in Thailand, I enjoy learning about & experiencing the world!

  • I enjoy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, books, science, foreign movies, international news, & MMA. There’s actually a lot more, just ask.
  • My favorite topics range from custom, hand-forged knives I blacksmith by hand, to global politics and cultural pluralism.
  •  My Resume / CV.
  • My direct email is YusefWateef [AT] GMail [DOT] com
  • My Skype name is YusefWateef
  • My phone number/WhatsApp/Signal/Telegram: +5511944440666.  Call me on any app for free!
Why you should Subscribe:
⟁ I create new, expansive content.
⟁ I write about diverse topics, you see the same subjects over and over.
⟁ I’m not here to sell you anything.  You won’t find ads from “sponsors” here and I don’t allow anyone to use my writings as advertising.
⟁ I listen, I read, and I’ll always reply.  If you comment on anything, I’ll read it and reply.  If you have any ideas on subjects you’d like to read more on, or subjects that I haven’t written anything about but should, let me know in a comment.
⟁ I don’t send mass emails or spam, the only way I grow is when people share my blog. If you enjoy what you read here, send a Tweet, Facebook update, or simple email to one friend and say “Hey, check out YusefWateef.com
Have fun!
YusefWateef (AT) Gmail (DOT) com


  1. writerannjohnsonmurphree

    Watt, thank you so much for the response; I found you via searching the net…I “google or bing” subjects much like tagging. When I find one of interest, I check it out and follow. I use my blog for my poetry and art, as well as supporting my fellow bloggers in reblogs. I write fiction, non-fiction, poetry and I paint in acrylics and watercolor. I have three books of poetry and one of art on amazon.com. I am certain that I am going to enjoy your past post (which I will within time read) and your future ones. You have a wonderful writing talent and I am excited to share this blogging journey with you and your blog. Ann

    Liked by 1 person

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