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🔴 (LIVE CLASS) Portuguese No Brasil, Frases Com Plurais!

Como vão Brasileiros, Brasileiras e familia de Polyglot, em Sao Paulo e em todo o Brasil! Eu sou o Gringo com Bigode Brilhante! E hoje farei uma aula do Duolingo!

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Muscle Hustle: The 44 On Swole Is About That Life!

44 is an Information Broker, cleverly disguised as a meathead bodybuilder. We sat down to talk about the social and societal impact of the lifestyle, the risks vs. the rewards of steroid use, as well as the price and the cost of choosing to live outside the box!

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Terrence Chan: The Statute of Limitations Has Passed!

Terrence Chan wastes no time getting into the nuts and bolts of what he does. In this podcast, we talk about the clever blend of critical thinking, math, and testicular fortitude that he applies to poker and professional fighting.  Remember, the stature of limitations has passed on everything we discuss! Read on ->