Category: Class Warfare

🔴(LIVE) Immigrants, Borders, & Visas.

The O-1 #Visas are for “individuals with extraordinary abilities…” and a great way for #Immigrants to come to The #USA. I didn’t get mad, I got even!

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🔴(LIVE) Money Over Class!

This goes deeper than Capitalism & Class Wars! Social Standing / Class” is inexorably mixed with Wealth. Yet money doesn’t always equal “Class”, so why do people work so hard to change it? Be sure to share this and join in with questions!

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Has BitCoin Been Beaten!?

I’m with Data Science Professionals: Laris Komando Shiloh (who specializes in warning people about Bitcoin scams and dangers in 3 languages!) & Anderson (an expert Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin madman). We’ll explain and explore Bitcoin, Blockchain, & Facebooks new Libra Cryptocurrency so click the link and join us!

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Penniless Wealth!

I surround myself with friends who regularly and reliably raise the bar on my being able to conceive of and discuss complex issues; today I woke up to be confronted by Brother Dave armed with an excellent Thought Project!

To paraphrase what he proposed: “Because people can become wealthy with money that belongs to no one’s government, can we gain more than we lose as citizens?” Continue reading