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🔴Brazil, Carnival, & Golden Roses!

Carnival is coming! Sociedade Rosas De Ouro (The Society Of Golden Roses) is a Samba academy, here is a sample of how they perfect the dances & songs here in Sao Paulo!

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Cultural Excursion Day: Sao Paulo Scramble!

     My phone nearly exploded with all the pictures I have stored from the events, people, and places I took pictures of here in Sao Paulo!

Pole Dancing, Dolls, Mud, and Trains, this is truly a post for all seasons!

Cultural Excursion Days: Sao Paulo, Brazil!

First quarter 2015 in Brazil has been a whirlwind!  I’ve adjusted to the massive public transportation loggerheads and finally figured out how to navigate the city. Wateef unchained! ->