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Cultural Excursion Day: Sao Paulo Scramble!

     My phone nearly exploded with all the pictures I have stored from the events, people, and places I took pictures of here in Sao Paulo!

Pole Dancing, Dolls, Mud, and Trains, this is truly a post for all seasons!

Cultural Excursion Days: Sao Paulo, Brazil!

First quarter 2015 in Brazil has been a whirlwind!  I’ve adjusted to the massive public transportation loggerheads and finally figured out how to navigate the city. Wateef unchained! ->

Cultural Excursion Days: Shanghai Museums Edition!

I’ve never been a fan of drab museums with pictures and exhibits that people have to explain.  If it’s good art, it’ll stand up on its own! I’m glad to say that these places were not what I was expecting and a lot more than I asked for ~>