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Discomfort Zone!

I came back from a birthday celebration for my friend Renée, the action was awesome! I was even able to take a life lesson away that a man who can’t dance taught me.  

I’ve always held to the belief that comfort is the enemy of Men.  If we aren’t pushing ourselves to live on the edge of life, then we aren’t learning or growing.   That’s why I always jump headlong into the Discomfort Zone!

When I Pulled The Needle Out, I Was Surprised There Wasn’t More Blood!

I actually had to wait a few seconds because I was sure there would be some — bubbling to the surface. After a few seconds, all I got was a drop the size of a pinhead. Still, it justified the alcohol wipe I had opened and ready.  This is how and why I stick it in!

Subtle Social Manipulations.

I shared this with a friend and since then I fleshed it out into a philosophy that I can quantify.  Despite going into detail about how and why the way I specifically manipulate situations works, it’ll still work on you and for you with other people.  Even when they know its coming. Especially when they know its coming!  ~>

Good Women Are Like Old T-Shirts.

     She’s a lovely woman, whose beauty is still in full bloom. She wanted to talk to me, to ask for advice. She asked about things she thinks she’ll need to know “Later, when I want a husband, like you.” She and I don’t have any pretentiousness in our relationship. We have an easy freedom of conversation that’s more honest than what most men and women will ever have.

     I explained to her that most men view a good woman the same way he sees his favorite old t-shirt, and that’s a good thing. I spent quite a while unpacking my reasoning with her.

This is why she wants to be a t-shirt now. ~>

The Manosphere? The Manosphere!

100% of men will try to have sex with 100% of the women they are sexually attracted to, to the best of their ability. That’s where The Manosphere comes in. It’s a scary, hilarious place. This can not be unseen!~>