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🔴(LIVE) Ashley The Attorney Rescues Us From The Tax Man!

Ashley, J.D. is a friend & all-Star Attorney that has given us jewels & nuggets of wisdom when she visits. Tonight, she is going to focus in on Business Tax, answering your FAQs about Small Business & Taxes!

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🔴 (LIVE) Credit Card Hell!

I had a disagreement with friends on Credit, Credit Card use, & Debt, so we’re going over what my time as a Financial Professional taught me to compare/contrast it with the stories we bring to this talk!

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🔴(LIVE) Life Insurance Lies!

I brought in Michael Darko, a professional! We are getting to the bottom of Life Insurance! What’s true, a lie, & how it impacts Financial Planning, & Retirement!

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🔴(LIVE) How I Buy Grunt Work To Make Money.

My rotating three-way between Capitalism, Investing & being an Entrepreneur is crucial!  Because when we start making money, it’s easy to be embarrassed when you use it to improve your life but the real tragedy is not using what you buy to make more money!

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BitCoin’s Bloody Battles!

By the time you read this, most of your friends will either be greedily buying up more BitCoin than they can afford, or be spitting out pieces of their own teeth covered in blood after the financial curb-stomping they’ve taken and are desperately trying to sell off their BitCoin.

For everyone asking me for a quick tutorial on learning BitCoin fast, I don’t have one. What I have for you here is a complete map of what you need to learn, the long way. Continue reading