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It’s A Small World After Bombs & Blacks!

We’re all reacting to the bombing & trying to decide if the world really is safer than it used to be, or is the violence just more centralized! Then we went deeper into how Sectarianism and violence deal with Black Folks.


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A Critical Response To Insensitive Halloween Costumes and The Accompanying, Engineered Outrage.

Tyson DeWees is a fellow martial artist, personal trainer, and pundit.  He travels the world starting arguments and stopping obesity at every turn.  Ty has a wealth of life experiences that inform his opinions and I’m glad to have him as a guest columnist.  ~Watt

As Halloween fades, the usual dirge of racial and insensitive costumes begin to make the rounds on the internet. It amazes me that people still are able to gin up the outrage to spend countless hours discussing just what needs to be done.

What needs to be done?

Nothing, I say. Here’s why. ->

Radical Islam Transcends Race

Drandersongolfsecrets is the Nom de guerre of a friend, cultural critic, world traveller, and fellow Adventurer. He is the bulwark against the insidious comfort of cultural complacency that can creep into our lives. Through the mirror of his pen, he gives us a raw, unfiltered look at our own flaws and foibles. This is the first of a series of critiques he’s submitting to 

I have to confess; at one time, I was a Radicalized Muslim, until I changed my life for the better.  The recent events in Boston and the subsequent, on-going rumblings of the FBI as well as the Americans’ confusion on Islam makes me chuckle and feel sad at the same time. Brutally Honest Insights ->