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Creating The Ocean You Swim In: The Crayola Edition

I’ll kill two birds with one stone this time, The Science and The Art.

First, I’m going to break down how I grow my social circle, because quite a few of my friends ask me how it’s done. Then, I’ll walk you through one of my favorite projects and show you how to pull it off by yourself or with friends. I call it creating the ocean I swim in. Just like an ocean of colors on the canvas, I’ve created an ocean of colorful people who blend together well while keeping their own unique vibrancy. Meltdown in 5…4…3…2…1 ~>

Chinese Spring Festival, The Cultural Excursion Days!

In the West, we often hear about the Chinese Spring Festival and equate it with our New Years celebration, because of the timing.  I can safely say that the Spring Festival is far, far more intense and involving that any holiday we have in the USA.  The best part is that most Chinese companies and businesses give everyone a 2-4 week vacation!  I spent my time having extended Cultural Excursion Days and exploring China.   Here are a few samples of where I went and what I did, enjoy! ->