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🔴(LIVE) Steroids & Sexual Equity!

 A male Feminist I know just BLEW MY MIND with a comment on Steroids & Gender norms, you need to hear this because for once I agree with him! Be sure to Retweet & join in!

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Podcast: Anais FW! ~ International Model, Expat, and Conversationalist!

Anais FW is an international model and actress with a wealth of diverse life experiences.  She’s become one of the brighter stars I’ve met in Shanghai, China!  In this Podcast we sit down for an afternoon tea to dig deep into gender, sex, Men, Women, and the post feminism “dating scene”. Listen up! ->

Passport Into My Psyche.

I’m often asked, “So, what do you write about?”  The answer is never simple.  When I set about the task of chronicling my life and adventures, I took into account all of the tips, tricks, victories, learning experiences, and pitfalls that my friends who are authors and writers of a wide variety of genres talked to me about.  Here is the answer that best suits the question.

The Reason Men Are In Charge.

By every conceivable metric, men and women can score equally well on standardized tests.  With education, sex and gender don’t matter.  Everything else is a set of obverse traits that cancel each other out.  Men are physically stronger, we get what we want through strength more often than not.  Women rely on subtle manipulation, achieving their success through cunning, a stalemate.  The question remains, why are men disproportionately represented in positions of power and leadership? ->