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🔴 She’s Too Drunk To Hold My Pistol!

She called me in the middle of the night, crying, with the Police there, to tell me she needs a Gun for Self Defense!

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When Revolution Calls, How Will You Answer?

Revolution is not the willingness to kill or die, it’s the willingness to win at all costs. Part of the cost is the willingness to learn tactics that are not fun, sexy, or cool in an effort to be valuable when your civil protests lead to a state and government crackdown.

You ready?

I’m ready.

On The Murder Of Trayvon Martin.

“With the “Not Guilty” verdict handed down to George Zimmerman after his malicious murder of Trayvon Martin, the United States upholds the right to and tradition of murdering Black, Brown, and African American people.”


I don’t believe that the Americans who applauded the verdict and sought to minimize the role that race plays my asking the country to “Keep race out of it!” said it out of anger, hate, or spite. What they do not, and cannot understand is that for a growing number of Americans, especially but not just limited to Black Americans, race isn’t kept out of anything because our country uses race more than any other factor in its decision-making. It will intersect with crime, justice, injustice, and every other measurable metric. Saying “Whatever, why can’t we just keep race out of it?”” as they just have, is the privilege of people who have never been hunted, or made to live with a clear understanding that their lives are less valued than any other group in 2014. I’m watching people who I know to be safe and sane, both as individuals and collectively call for the murder of George Zimmerman. ->

Watt, I need a gun!

She woke up thinking that she may still be asleep.  It was a rough night out with the girls, they had  fun at the club.  Nevermind that, was someone standing at the foot of her bed?!


Whoever it was ran out of her apartment, then she called me.
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