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Littlefinger: Pimpin’ in the 298th year after Aegon’s Conquest!

Last night I came home after a great carne asada barbecue with friends and set about my Sunday evening ritual of downloading the newest episodes of my favorite TV shows.  I cut cable and 95% of TV in general out of my life long ago and I am far more productive because of it.  Now, I just pirate download any of the shows I want to see.  I watch less than 3 hours of TV a week, it’s mostly comprised of education programs and documentaries. No matter how important brain-food is I still make it a point to indulge in shows that are just for fun.

Author George R. R. Martin penned a series of books called “A Song Of Ice And Fire”; I’ve *read them all, more on that later.  The very first book in the series is “A Game Of Thrones”  Unless you’ve been living in North Korea, you’re heard of it.  The books are rich, all encompassing novels that delve into the sociopolitical games of strategy people play.  It falls under the fantasy genre, but doesn’t rely on cheap magic and spells to sell the stories.  In fact, Martin specifically make magic rare, and with great consequence when used.  His stories are about people.
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