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🔴 A Man Needs Little.

(LIVE) Minimalism & Stoicism, Our Super Powers. As Men, we sat down to talk about what we really need, and how needing anything at all affects us.  We have all read and practiced Stoicism & Minimalism to some degree & we are discussing how it factors into our Masculinity.  We are looking forward to your thoughts and questions.

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Dr. Kim Came Ready!

When I threw down the challenge and demanded that Dr. Kim sit down and make a case against my preference for Girls and not Women, she showed up ready willing and able!

Dr. Kim is her name, but her sobriquet is what rings out in the halls of academia:  The Thought Reframer.  We came ready for a war of words!   Listen up! ->

40/40 Vision: A Retrospective.

At 40 years old  I am putting forward the lessons and wisdom that have brought me success so that I don’t lose sight of them! Looking at life with 40/40 vision ->

Watts Triple Filter Is Better Than Socrates’ Test Of Three!

I became more familiar with *Socrates when I was living in Tokyo, Japan using the Socratic Method to teach businessmen how to use the English they spoke more conversationally. Today Socrates came to mind when I shared the Test Of Three with a friend who is developing a philosophy of her own.

No Bullshit! ->

Philosophy Dinners W/ Glen Brauer!

The topics change every session, but my first PD (Philosophy Dinner), that has been renamed with a more inclusive title of Meaningful Discussions was in Shanghai, China and the topic was Death And Transcendence.  I sat down at a table with a diverse group of people from around the world and really dug into the nooks and crannies of our thoughts.

PDs are the brainchild of software and social innovator Glen Brauer. He and I sat down to a fun, often meandering conversation.  Because thats what he does! ~>

The Next Shot

I just got difficult news; a friend just went through a corporate shake-up that left quite a few people looking for a new job.  I sat and listened.  Mentally, I came up with several personal and professional contacts that I knew would help, as well as several resume upgrades that will make it stand out and be noticed.

Still, before I gave a single piece of advice, I asked: “Do you want any help from me?”

Good thing I ASKED! ~>

3-Way Podcast!

Anais, is a friend and model from America, who’s back for a second round;  Najma is a Somalian raised in Kenya who ended up in the USA as she tries to understand what motivates others while she delves into her first business venture; and Sarah is a Canadian sex educator who makes some pretty bold claims about masturbation. They all end up at my table for a talk.   This gets loud! ->

Podcast: Anais FW! ~ International Model, Expat, and Conversationalist!

Anais FW is an international model and actress with a wealth of diverse life experiences.  She’s become one of the brighter stars I’ve met in Shanghai, China!  In this Podcast we sit down for an afternoon tea to dig deep into gender, sex, Men, Women, and the post feminism “dating scene”. Listen up! ->