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🔴 (LIVE CLASS) Portuguese No Brasil, Frases Com Plurais!

Como vão Brasileiros, Brasileiras e familia de Polyglot, em Sao Paulo e em todo o Brasil! Eu sou o Gringo com Bigode Brilhante! E hoje farei uma aula do Duolingo!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6w3RdsYDYJ0

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Confessions and Accountability: A Lesson In Language.

I work hard on accountability, I hold my friends and the men that come to me for advice accountable for their actions, and more importantly they hold me accountable for mine.

One of the best compliment I was paid all year was being told that “I make a great Accountability Partner”, since I proactively followed up by asking if they’d taken the first steps towards the goal that they’d set. Because I want to see the people that I care for win at life.