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🔴(LIVE) Success Is Selfish!

The downside of success is that sacrifice is the easy part! Its the grimm realization that once you “Embrace The Grind”, you immediately separate yourself from loved ones who don’t.

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🔴Godless Heathen Protection Service!

My parents created a monster, not an #Atheist. I chose that on my own. By making sure that I grew up reading & comprehending a minimum of three grade-levels ahead they introduced me to #CriticalThinking & #Skeptic thought quite early.

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So You Realised I’m An Atheist.

If I’ve sent you a link to this, it’s out of respect. It’s because unlike most people, you didn’t become combative, disrespectful, or dismissive. I think writing them out will stop either one of us from becoming too invested in what’s said.  It’s also private, as in no one has to see or hear you if you read my thoughts and see the merit in them.  To be clear, seeing merit in my thoughts does not mean you agree, only that my position is well thought out, valid, and makes sense.

There will be no sarcasm or condescension in how I deal with this. ~>