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Race Riots: What Some Black-Americans Can Learn From All Racist Police & Racist Organizations!

Being a Liberal does not mean being nice!
Being persecuted does not mean anyone cares!
Not learning the tactics of your organized, racist, pro-active enemies is why you will lose to them!
No preamble.

Passport Into My Psyche.

I’m often asked, “So, what do you write about?”  The answer is never simple.  When I set about the task of chronicling my life and adventures, I took into account all of the tips, tricks, victories, learning experiences, and pitfalls that my friends who are authors and writers of a wide variety of genres talked to me about.  Here is the answer that best suits the question.

A Critical Response To Insensitive Halloween Costumes and The Accompanying, Engineered Outrage.

Tyson DeWees is a fellow martial artist, personal trainer, and pundit.  He travels the world starting arguments and stopping obesity at every turn.  Ty has a wealth of life experiences that inform his opinions and I’m glad to have him as a guest columnist.  ~Watt

As Halloween fades, the usual dirge of racial and insensitive costumes begin to make the rounds on the internet. It amazes me that people still are able to gin up the outrage to spend countless hours discussing just what needs to be done.

What needs to be done?

Nothing, I say. Here’s why. ->