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Have you read anything here that makes you think, form an opinion, agree with me, decide I am completely insane, or inspire you to share your own thoughts? Become a Contributor and part of The Team! My direct email is YusefWateef [AT] GMail [DOT] com. Just send me a copy of what you want published, and if you want it published under your name, or another name you use.

Subjects I enjoy posting your articles on:

  • Your response to my views and writings
  • World Travel
  • Travel in your own city/country
  • Politics
  • Things you do for fun
  • Radical opinions and ideas
  • Editorials
  • Literature
  • Your opinion on your country, or someone else’s country
  • Op-Ed
  • Being a Man
  • Being a Woman
  • Being neither a Man, nor a Woman

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

~Watt, YusefWateef (AT)

Contributors and guest authors!

10423941_10152124904740755_2138246702177077064_nJessica is an outspoken World Traveller, Activist, Poet, Musician, and Youth Advocate.  She made an impact with me, and my readers with her post ”So, I’m White enough to feed your self-hatred, but Black enough not to piss off your family?”  because of her b-racial outlook on life.  She really bares her soul in words. 

You can see her contributions by clicking HERE.




66631_103209469746046_1263375_nTyson DeWees is a fellow martial artist, personal trainer,  and pundit.  He travels the world starting arguments and stopping obesity at every turn.  Ty has a wealth of life experiences that inform his opinions and I’m glad to have him as a guest columnist.

You can read more of his contributions by clicking here.


MoGregoryIII is alongtime friend, world traveller, co-conspirator, and incendiary cultural critic.  He yanks the warm blanket of ignorance off of the mewing conformists that compose a great deal of our society.  In an effort to bring enlightenment to the masses, he shares his writings with us.

To read more by MoGregoryIII, click here.


Jo Gan is a multi-lingual, fellow world adventurer that has gained a legion of followers as she writes about life in China, she takes time out to share interesting articles on an aspects of Chinese life that are often misunderstood with us. China is something that she has developed a unique perspective on as she watches scenes and slices of life play out first hand.  Below is how she describes herself:

I decided that I wanted to express myself and my feelings the best way I knew how, through words.   I also wanted to share what it was like to live in a foreign country.  Where things are not what you expect and people are not what you think. Follow me through my experiences, my joys and my pains.. but most of all live through me what you are not ready to do yourself.  I hope to inspire all of you to live your life the way you want and to not be afraid of the unknown.  Live outside the box…. do not only “Dream it… Do it”


~Jo Gan, a Black American bride in China,

To see other writings Jo Gan contributed, click here.

Drandersongolfsecrets is the Nom de guerre of a friend, cultural critic, world traveller, and fellow Adventurer. He is the bulwark against the insidious comfort of cultural complacency that can creep into our lives. Through the mirror of his pen, he gives us a raw, unfiltered look at our own flaws and foibles. To read the writings that he has subjected us to, click here.


Owl is a columnist, winner of The Presidential Award For Academics Focused In Writing, and published author.  Her writings have also been featured in Who’s Who Among American Poets.  Follow her musings at  and @lsvgsowl on Twitter.  If you want to see more of the writings she has shared with us, click here.



JustJage is a Social Activist and contributor to several publications.  She is on the forefront of issues that affect our ever-expanding world.  She is aware, passionate, and most importantly expressive when it comes to the issues that have the biggest and most profound effects on our lives.  You can read her contributions to the site by clicking here.


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